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At the salon in Hashimoto, where we perform all-hands treatments on the body of customers who require chiropractic care, we always conduct counseling and examinations before performing the treatment to understand the cause of the problem and the current state of the body. For pain that interferes with daily life, such as stiff shoulders or persistent headaches, we recommend treatment aimed at fundamentally improving the pain.
In order to improve the cause identified through an examination by our experienced staff, we will thoroughly inform the customer of the planned treatment before performing the treatment. For this reason, we have received feedback that they can trust us with the treatment with peace of mind. We sincerely provide treatments to improve your physical problems, so please feel free to use our services.

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Q & A

Frequently asked questions from customers

Can I use health insurance?
In our shop, we do the operation only for our own expense. Therefore, it is out of the application of health insurance.
How long does it take for one treatment?
At the first time, it takes about 10 to 20 minutes to your desired course time for counseling and testing. We will go on course time next time.
Is there any pain caused by body preparation or stretching?
In our shop, we will do the main stretch stretching the muscles. Therefore, some people may feel "painful". In addition, since adjustment of strength is possible, please feel free to contact us when you feel pain.
How should I change clothes?
For business trips and visits, please prepare clothes that is easy to move up and down by yourself. If you have a private salon, you can change your clothes here, but you can also bring your favorite clothes that you like.

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Store name

Manipulative salon Re ・ Set

Street address

Sagamihara City Kanagawa Prefecture Midori Ward Higashibashimoto 2-1-8

phone number
business hours

9:30 to 2:00

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Hashimoto's man-made salon Re / Set is open at a good location, just off the nearest station, and is known as a hideout from the residents of the surrounding area. As we can receive one-on-one treatment by staff with abundant knowledge and high technology in a relaxed environment, if you are suffering from chronic back pain, headache, stiff shoulders, etc. Please carry it.

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Please consult with your body for any problems with your body that builds results in Hashimoto.

Hashimoto's manipulative salon can be effective for stiff shoulders and headaches

In the salon which performs massage and correction, in order to fundamentally improve the trouble of the customer who is suffering from painful pain and distortion, we treat every day seriously. Staff experienced in athletes and well-versed in sports practice all-hand balance the body. Machine-free treatment has a reputation for being comfortable with your body, and is well-received by customers after childbirth. Before starting the treatment, we will listen to your story carefully in counseling. Since it is important for customers to understand the root of the pain properly, such as the time when the pain appears and the past medical history, please do not hesitate to talk about anything.
We offer a variety of treatment menus to meet your needs. If you have chronic pain, we recommend a course that balances your entire body, which many customers choose. It is one of the popular courses to help relieve pain by adjusting the skeleton and muscles, and to provide a training menu that you can do after surgery. We are working to improve customer satisfaction and satisfy customers. Please make a reservation, and feel free to take a walk.

Hashimoto's body support supports customers who need sports practice

The salon used by customers who suffer from body strain such as stiff shoulders and stoops has a track record of improving many symptoms with solid technology and experience. The staff in charge of the treatment has a wealth of athlete experience and knowledge about recovery from injury, so many customers come to the sports clinic. In addition to correcting the body that has been distorted, we will provide total support to customers with problems such as personal training and dietary restrictions for dieting, and we will earn the trust of them.
Many customers want to have their pelvis open after childbirth and regain their pre-natal body. In the postpartum care course, the body stretches around the pelvis and hip joints at a reasonable pace. After the treatment, we will tell you how to stretch at home, and the support that lasts for a long time is also popular. Reservations are required for salons that provide high-quality services, so if you are considering using them, please make a reservation by phone / email and make a reservation.