Business trip service is also available, so it is also recommended for busy people

The hairdressing salon Re · Set, which is in operation at Hashimoto, places great importance on counseling and testing, and adjusts the balance of the whole body in order to improve the problems such as shoulder stiffness, back pain and headaches that customers are currently having. Perform the treatment. Consultation is also available on personal training by staff with experience in the professional baseball independence league, so it is also ideal for people who care about their postpartum shape and pelvis.
For those of you who are usually busy with work and child care and do not have time to work on improving their physical condition, we have prepared a "Quick Course" where you can perform intense stretches in a short amount of time . The treatment is performed in a private atmosphere with a good atmosphere, and a business trip service is also available. It is highly recommended that you can face your body in a relaxed state at home. In order not to make the same pain repeated again and again, it is not a temporary improvement by acupuncture and so on but a high-quality treatment aiming at the improvement from the beginning, so chronic pain Please contact us if you are complaining that you will not improve anymore.
Hatai Yuki

We will change the body from the ground up by tailoring, exercise, and eating habits improvement

After I played in the professional baseball independence league,
In charge of operation at a major manipulative company.

So far, I have experienced store manager and practitioner training
Sports movement instruction and everyday life movement instruction,
In addition, I went on dieting by eating habits guidance.

It is not a temporary improvement by 揉
We aim at fundamental improvement to keep "good condition".

It is close to Hashimoto Station, and it is popular as a hideout existence.


Store name

Manipulative salon Re ・ Set

Street address

Sagamihara City Kanagawa Prefecture Midori Ward Higashibashimoto 2-1-8

phone number
business hours

9:30 to 2:00

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Fixed holiday




Hashimoto's man-made salon Re / Set is open at a good location, just off the nearest station, and is known as a hideout from the residents of the surrounding area. As we can receive one-on-one treatment by staff with abundant knowledge and high technology in a relaxed environment, if you are suffering from chronic back pain, headache, stiff shoulders, etc. Please carry it.

We have published the access information to the private salon in detail

Please feel free to carry out your visit with reference to access information

The salon used by customers who have problems with body strain such as stiff shoulders and cat spines has a track record of improving many symptoms with solid technology and experience. The staff in charge of the treatment has a wealth of athlete experience and knowledge about recovery from injuries, so many customers come to the store as a sports practice. In addition to correcting your distorted body, we will provide total support to customers with troubles, such as personal training and dietary restrictions for dieting, and will receive a solid trust.
There are many customers who want to improve the pelvis that has been opened after childbirth and to restore their pre-natal body. The postpartum care course will perform stretching that stretches around the pelvis and hip joint at a pace that your body is comfortable. After the treatment, we will tell you how to do the stretching at home, and the support for lasting the effect of the treatment for a long time is also popular. The salon that provides high quality service is required to be reserved, so if you consider using it, please reserve your visit date and time by phone or e-mail, and do not hesitate to carry on your visit.
Hashimoto's Tailoring Salon Re / Set offers a full-fledged training venue for those who are usually busy and can not go out easily by doing business trips and visiting services. The staff with high technology and sophisticated know-how confirm the condition of the customer's body by all hands, and we will fix muscles, skeleton and blood circulation etc., and have received specialized treatment It is also recommended for customers who do not have. By making adjustments, it is possible to maintain the condition in which the customer feels "well", and can also be able to improve problems such as chronic shoulder stiffness, low back pain, knee pain and so on.
In addition, we offer courses for customers who are concerned about their postpartum shape and pelvis, and by doing reasonable stretching will lead to recovery from fatigue and improvement of minor problems. We also give advice on how to eat after birth and how to exercise easily, so it is ideal for those who want to keep their body clean even after they are mothers. There is a complete reservation system to perform high-quality surgery with man-to-man operation in the Hashimoto, and if there is a space available, you can take action on the day. Please contact us by phone, email, homepage or other company's exclusive service.