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Hashimoto's manipulative salon Re / Set respects the relationship of trust with customers, and values prior counseling. If you have pain or discomfort in your daily life, such as your waist, shoulders or knees, please contact us first.
As we propose the most suitable treatment method according to each customer's trouble, we have received many words of praise and "I was able to receive treatment safely". We update the blog daily to convey the atmosphere of the surgery, so please check it out if you like it.
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We will do our best to keep you in good shape by doing personal training and balancing the whole body, so please rest assured. Not only chronic pain such as stiff shoulders and back pain, knee pain, but also the tension of the thighs that occurred between pregnancy and childbirth, and the stretch that stretches around the pelvis and crotch joint for the collapse of the anxious body shape It is highly recommended because it can respond to
In addition, we accept a wide range of consultations such as diet and exercise, diet improvement, etc., and have been highly received by female customers who want to maintain a beautiful style. We also carry out business trips and visit services so that customers who are busy with housework and child care can feel free to work on training, so if you are interested, please let us know the contents of the blog and let us know your convenient date and time Please give me.