How did you spend the Golden Week in corona expansion? ?

2020/05/11 blog

Hello! !
How did you spend Golden Week? ? 😯

For long holidays when you can't go out
It's a heavy burden on the body ... 😢


No matter where you watch TV or SNS every day
Corona Corona Corona ...
I'm tired ...

However, even if I try to escape, I can not escape,
It is also a situation where we have to face this situation and overcome it.

After all, in order to overcome such a situation

・ Prepare your body
・ Raise immunity

You will need these two.

In order to prepare the body and raise the immunity,
It is necessary to increase the number of lymphocytes that fight the virus and eliminate it in the body.

Do you have more lymphocytes ...

One is a meal! !

You need enough protein, vitamins, minerals and fish oil (EPA / DHA).

And the other is to keep the parasympathetic nerve dominant! !

To give the parasympathetic nerve a predominance

・ Breathe deeply
・ Create a relaxing state
・ Relieve body tension

Something like that.

The best thing to do this is
It is to relieve the tension in the muscles around the neck.

If you do it yourself,
It is effective to warm your eyes.

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During Golden Week

With children

Paper craft and

I was doing Plarail lol