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2022/06/20 blog
Personal training

I'm Hatai, the representative of the manipulative salon Re / Set! !!
The rainy season has begun, and when this rainy season is over, summer will come. In the summer, your skin will be more exposed and you will spend light clothes, right?
Ah, those who think that summer has come without thinking about dieting again! !!

It's still in time! !!

There are various shapes in the diet.
Your image is ...

A diet that loses body fat and loses weight.

A diet to reduce the size.

Isn't it?

However, it takes a certain amount of time to lose body fat and weight.
However, if you can use your unused muscles and use your body properly, you should be on a tightening diet.
The body is firm.

Proper training around the abdomen will temporarily reduce the size of your waist.
But of course it goes back to normal,
If you can use your muscles properly, your body will tighten.

However, no matter how much you lose weight and lose body fat, it doesn't look good unless your posture and body are well-balanced, so it's not a good diet.

Therefore, Re ・ Set realizes "preparing and making" unique to a manipulative salon.

We promise an ideal diet and shape-up that is beautiful inside and outside the body ★

Personal training 45 minutes ¥ 7,500- (tax included)
Personal training 60 minutes ¥ 10,000- (tax included)

(We also have a set price that is easy to go to.)

In addition, you can fully enjoy both the effects of manipulative treatment and the effects of training with "manipulative treatment x training".
There is also a course.

First of all, experience training!
Please try the training of manipulative salon Re ・ Set!

If you have any questions or would like to experience, please contact us.