[Explanation of healthy and moderate amount of exercise]

2022/06/23 blog

I'm Hatai, the representative of the manipulative salon Re / Set.

Today, I will explain the amount of daily exercise for health.
I know it's better to exercise, but many people don't know the proper amount and intensity, right?

Even if I try to do something that is too tight, it won't last
But if it's too weak to be effective, it's a waste of time.
After all, I think that there are quite a lot of people who are "OK".

When you say exercise, you have to run, you have to do muscle training
Just thinking about it makes it impossible for me to become a distant world.

But what are the hurdles for healthy exercise set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare?
It's surprisingly low! !!

"Perform physical activity of 3 METs or more for 60 minutes a day, 23 METs or more a week"

Yes, this doesn't make any sense, right? (Laughs)

What is important here is not "exercise" but "physical activity".

So you don't have to run or train.
Of course, it's best to be able to do it, but it also includes activities such as housework and leisure.

By the way, the activity of walking is "3 Mets". That means "walking" is fine.
Simply put, it's achieved if you walk 60 minutes a day.
But if you think about walking for 60 minutes, I think there are many people who can't.

So let's add more than 3 mets of physical activity.
Cleaning the bath is 3.5 mets, climbing stairs 8 mets, and walking fast 5 mets.

It would be nice to combine them in a day for more than an hour.

However, if you live somehow, it may not be achieved.
If you have more chance than usual, you just have to think about increasing the amount of activity! !!

for example,,,

Walk back and forth between the companies in a stride and walk fast.
Clean the bath every day to soak in the bathtub.
Use the stairs of stations, companies, and commercial facilities.

This is fine! !!

It won't be dark until around 19:00 for a while.
The evening climate feels good.
On the day I finished work a little earlier, I got off the bus stop in front of me on my way home from work,
It is very valuable to refresh your feelings by taking a detour a little.

There are many people who can achieve their daily physical activity just by consciously doing it.

You will be able to stay healthy with a little consciousness.
It's very nice to work with stress.
I think some people have more remotes.
I'm sure there are people who have calmed down the corona and have returned to their annoying relationships.

I hope you can spend your time in good health.
I would be grateful if you could be aware of this by referring to this "healthy physical activity amount".

If you are interested, please search for "METS Physical Activity" and see the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare! !!

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