[Forecast of intense heat from next week? !! !! ]

2022/06/25 blog

I'm Hatai, the representative of the manipulative salon Re / Set.

If I was looking at the weather forecast somehow
Next week, there will be a day when the maximum temperature will exceed 34 degrees Celsius ...

When the temperature exceeds 30 degrees according to the damp weather during the rainy season
It's a heavy burden on your body ...

In Japan, it is hard to find a clear and dry sunny day in the summer.
Especially in the Kanto region, it's hard to breathe because of the air.

The upset at the beginning of summer
It is often caused by poor thermoregulation.

Body temperature regulation is done by sweating. Because the sweat glands are not open yet at this time
Many people cannot release the heat accumulated in their bodies.

Turn on the air conditioner because it's hot, drink cold things, and sweat when you move, so don't move as much as possible
The bath is also hot and I try to cool my body by external stimuli such as ending with a shower.
Actually this is not good! !!

Of course, it is important not to get heat stroke.

However, the body is designed to regulate its own temperature. It sweats and releases body temperature to cool the body.

When you cool your body with an external stimulus, your ability to lower your fever diminishes.
It gets dull.

When the dull body begins to live in a mercilessly hot temperature,
I can't get the heat out of my body, and I'm more likely to suffer from heat stroke.
I'm having trouble with the heat. This also applies to symptoms such as summer heat.
Naturally, if it is severe, it is easy to get heat stroke.

Also, if you don't sweat normally, the smell of sweat will also smell.
The smell of sweat is a concern for me, isn't it?

So that it doesn't happen
Anyway, it means "immersing in a bathtub".
Soak in lukewarm water of 38 to 40 degrees for about 15 minutes to sweat.
it's recommended.

Soaking in hot water has the advantage of sweating, of course.
The autonomic nerves are also regulated. Also for insomnia where the sympathetic nerve becomes dominant due to stress
The effect is expected.

I sweat a lot this summer and sleep well.
Let's live an active and energetic life because Corona has calmed down a little! !!

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