Kanagawa Pay has started ^ - ^

2022/08/02 blog
Kanagawa Pay

This is Hatai, the representative of the manipulative salon Re・Set.

I have also informed you

"Kanagawa Pay" has started! !

20% Kanagawa Pay points will be returned to everyone from the payment amount.
The points can of course be used at our store, and Kanagawa Pay has been introduced.
All available in the shop! !

For those of you who don't know about Kanagawa Pay, let me explain.

If you shop using the "Kanagawa Pay" app at member stores in Kanagawa Prefecture
It is a campaign that points for up to 20% of the purchase amount will be returned! !
A maximum of 30,000 points can be granted per person.
1 point can be used as 1 yen.
(You can earn points for shopping up to 150,000 yen.)

Of course, at the point where you shopped
Receive Re・Set (reset) treatment
It is also possible!

A very good deal that was used by many customers during the first edition
This is a campaign in Kanagawa prefecture.
If the prefecture's return budget is reached, it will be discontinued at that point.
Please use it as soon as possible! !


From 10:00 AM on July 19th to November 30th

Until January 31, 2023

The prices for using Kanagawa Pay are listed below for reference.
Kanagawa Pay is applicable to the prices that repeat customers are currently using, so please use it! !

=Price for new customers=
60 minutes 3,500 yen → Real 2,800 yen (700 yen worth of points)
90 minutes 5,480 yen → Real 4,384 yen (1,096 yen worth of points)
120 minutes 7,980 yen → Real 6,384 yen (1,596 yen worth of points)

~ Coupon tickets for new customers only ~

60 minutes x 4 times 22,000 yen → Effectively 17,600 yen (4,400 yen worth of points)
90 minutes x 4 times 30,000 yen → Effectively 24,000 yen (6,000 yen worth of points)
120 minutes x 4 times 40,000 yen → Effectively 32,000 yen (8,000 yen worth of points)

If you would like to try using
"App Store" "Google play"
Download the [Kanagawa Pay] app!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are waiting for you to use it!
Let's liven up Kanagawa together!