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2022/11/14 blog
head eye

hello everyone!

This is Nagumo from Manipulative Salon Re・Set!

Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever received the head eye of our option menu? It's a menu that will loosen your head, so if you're stressed, I want you to read it! !

The head is a very delicate part of the body and is said to weigh as much as a bowling ball.

Just the scalp gets hard, and it affects the whole body.

For example, when the scalp gets hard, it goes down, so the head goes down.
What happens when your head hangs down is that your breathing becomes shallower.

I want everyone to try it, but now take a normal deep breath.
Have them remember the feeling of the air entering their lungs. Next, have them place their hands on the sides of their heads (near the temples), pull the skin down with those hands, and take a deep breath in that position.
It's hard to get air in your lungs, do you know it doesn't come in?
When the scalp becomes hard, it naturally becomes like this breathing ,,,

Conversely, have your hand placed on the side of your head again, this time pull your skin up, take a deep breath, and when you exhale, slide your hand up and release your hand from your head.
Do you have more air in your lungs than before?

Just by lowering the position of the scalp (head), the way of breathing will change so much ,,,

If your scalp becomes stiff due to stress, your breathing will be shallow and you will feel tired even in sleep and daily life. If you are worried about stress or sleep, why not take a head eye and relax!

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