Get rid of headaches with an ear massage! ?

2022/11/23 blog

hello everyone!

This is Nagumo from Manipulative Salon Re・Set!

Unfortunately it's raining today and the temperature is low.

Isn't there a lot of people who are prone to headaches on rainy days?

Try an ear massage there!

why ears? I mean,,,

There is a place called the inner ear at the back of the ear.

The inner ear acts like a sensor that senses changes in air pressure.

If the blood flow around the ear is poor, the lymphatic fluid in the inner ear will also become stagnant, making it easier for symptoms such as headaches to occur.

Also, if the sensor in the inner ear is sensitive, even a slight change in air pressure will be transmitted to the brain.

As a result, headaches are more likely to occur.

I highly recommend ear massage!

First, pinch the ear with both hands and pull it up and down or sideways, or rotate it while pinching it.

Next, cover the entire ear with the palm of your hand and slowly rotate it backwards in a circular motion.

It seems that doing this is effective for improving blood circulation and improving the condition of the inner ear!

Please try it♪

And there are still openings until 14:00 today!

Please watch your step when you come here♪