Do you know temperature fatigue?

2022/11/26 blog
temperature difference

hello everyone!

This is Nagumo from Manipulative Salon Re・Set!

Recently, the temperature difference between morning, evening and daytime is intense, isn't it?

Don't you have a dull or unwell due to the temperature difference?

It may be temperature fatigue.

Temperature fatigue is a condition in which the body cannot keep up with large temperature changes.

The autonomic nervous system plays an important role in maintaining body temperature.

When the outside temperature is high, blood flow is activated to lower body temperature, and heat is dissipated through perspiration.

When the temperature is low, it slows down blood flow and closes pores to keep body heat from escaping.

When the temperature difference increases, the function of the autonomic nervous system becomes more active than necessary to keep the body temperature constant.

As a result, the body consumes excessive energy and fatigue accumulates in the body, and this condition is called temperature difference fatigue.

The main symptoms of temperature fatigue are headache, dizziness, stiff shoulders, sensitivity to cold, sluggishness and loss of appetite.

There are other mental fatigue, frustration, anxiety, and depression due to disturbance of autonomic nerves.

As a countermeasure,

・Balanced meals (Proactively consume protein and B vitamins)

・Get a good night's sleep (I want 7 hours)

・Moderate exercise

・ Soak in the bathtub

Let's take care of it properly and do our best for the rest of the year! !