Cold sensitivity measures

2022/12/05 blog
sensitivity to cold

hello everyone!

This is Nagumo from Manipulative Salon Re・Set.

It's finally December, and there's less than a month left in this year.
It's going to be a full-fledged winter from now on, but are you all taking measures against the cold?

It is said that the cold is the source of all diseases, so let's take proper measures!

Exercise is the most effective!
Muscle is the largest thermogenic organ in the human body. In addition, as the muscles expand and contract, blood is sent out like a pump, circulating blood to every corner of the body and warming the body.
When the muscle mass is reduced, the pump becomes weak and the blood cannot be sent out, which leads to coldness.

In particular, I think it is effective to focus on exercising and stretching the calves, which are said to be the second heart!

The rest is water.
When you drink water instead of cold things, especially in the morning, drink hot water or room temperature water to keep your internal organs cool!

Finally, as many blogs say, soak in the bathtub!
Soak yourself in the bathtub to reset the fatigue of the day, warm your body and go to sleep!

These will be effective by continuing, so let's continue and get over this winter! !