Happy New Year 2023 "First Announcement"

2023/01/05 blog
happy new year

This is Hatai, the representative of the manipulative salon Re・Set.

Happy New Year!
Thank you for your continued support in the year! !

Well, the normal business of 2023 has started today.
This year as well, all Re・Set members will support your health and
I would appreciate it if you could support me better every day.

By the time 2023 comes
There is one thing I would like you to know more about.

that is

It's "Increase of time frame at night"! !

Re・Set is a manipulative that can be fundamentally improved
It was one of the few shops where you can receive it until 2 o'clock in the middle of the night.
There is also strong support from a certain level of people during the night time.
It was difficult to open the frame and use it for many customers.

And one day I may have given the impression that the restaurant is not very open at night.

but now
It's not every day, but you can now increase the frame during the night time!
There is also a sudden release of the frame

Tues, Sat, and Sun are especially easy to book!
Visits are often possible!

Therefore, if you want to receive treatment at night time
For those who can only take that time
Please come to Re・Set!

Even if the slot is not available even if you want the night time
If you can call us, we can also guide you to the vacant schedule!

Here is the current night slot availability information!
*As of January 5

until 23:00
14th (Sat) 15th (Sun) 22nd (Sun) 29th (Sun)

until 26:00
17th (Tue) 21st (Sat) 28th (Sat)

The above schedule is currently available in the night zone!
To help customers who are usually busy
All Re・Set staff will support you.
Please take advantage of it! !

* If you would like to visit the manipulative treatment, please call us and it will be smooth.