Congratulations to all the new grown-up people!

2023/01/09 blog

Hello everyone♪

I'm Nagumo from the Manipulative Salon Re・Set!

Today is coming-of-age day!

Congratulations to all the new grown-up people ^_^

I think everyone who has grown up has just overlapped with corona and has various restrictions such as school and private.

There may have been many painful memories of not being able to do what you wanted to do. !

Young people may not have stiff shoulders or lower back pain, but their bodies are distorted due to spending too much time fiddling with their smartphones or sitting in class. If you leave it in a distorted state, there is a risk of stiff shoulders and back pain in the future.

If you are concerned about your posture before symptoms appear, it may be a good idea to try a chiropractor once.

If you trim your body, you will also be able to perform sports and more, so please take it!

At our store, we have a student discount coupon menu that students can receive at a great price, so I think it's good to know the condition of your body from a young age!

We are looking forward to your visit! !