Let's eat rice!

2023/01/16 blog

Hello everyone♪

I'm Nagumo from Manipulative Salon Re・Set!

What do you usually eat as a staple food?

Recently, there are many people who eat noodles and bread as staple food.

In fact, it may lead to diabetes.

Japanese people are naturally prone to diabetes, and their insulin secretion is slow.

In addition, Japanese people are said to have a smaller pancreas and less insulin secretion than other ethnic groups.

Currently, if you eat only bread and noodles without eating rice, you will have to secrete insulin at a furious rate, and your blood sugar level will rise rapidly.
If too much insulin is released, eventually insulin production cannot keep up, and the state of high blood sugar continues for a long time, leading to diabetes.

So why not make rice your staple food?

Rice, the staple food of the Japanese, contains a lot of starch that takes time to digest, so the absorption of sugar is slow, the rise in blood sugar level is slow, and the amount of insulin to be administered at one time is small.

When eating noodles, it is said that it is better to choose rice flour noodles instead of wheat flour noodles.

If you are concerned about your blood sugar levels, please use this as a reference!