Causes and countermeasures of barometric sickness!

2023/08/09 blog

Hello everyone!

I'm SAHORI, a therapist at the Manipulative Salon Re・Set.


It's a very unstable weather today when it suddenly rains and stops!


Hashimoto's salon is praying that it won't rain when you go out...!


When the weather is unstable like today, the most annoying thing is the symptoms caused by "air pressure sickness". This is one of the most common complaints we hear from our customers.


Now let's talk about "atmospheric pressure" again.


Barometric symptoms can be caused by sudden changes in atmospheric pressure. The cause is that the pressure of the air and fluids in the body changes due to changes in atmospheric pressure.

Examples include flying, climbing to high altitudes, and weather changes.

Below are some typical symptoms.

Headaches: Barometric pressure can interfere with blood circulation and cause headaches

Vertigo: Changes in air pressure inside the ear can upset your sense of balance and make you feel dizzy.

Feeling stuffy in your ears: Changes in air pressure can change the pressure in your middle ear, which can make your ears feel stuffy.

For this symptom, what kind of support can we as a chiropractic salon give to everyone...!


First of all, as a manipulative approach, it can be expected to have the effect of alleviating the symptoms of barometric sickness by improving the circulation of blood and lymph in the body, adjusting muscles and joints, and balancing the body.

In addition, deep muscle stretching can be incorporated to relieve muscle tension and improve blood flow.


In addition, by rebalancing your body through regular care, you can mitigate the effects of changes in barometric pressure.


At our salon, we provide treatment tailored to the condition of each customer, and support symptom relief and fundamental improvement of barometric symptoms.

Please visit us once and start taking care of your body!