Summer fatigue recovery! Get in shape with body stretching!

2023/08/30 blog

Good evening everyone!

It's been a long time since I posted

How are you doing?


This is SAHORI, a Chiropractor Salon Re/Set therapist!

It's early and tomorrow is the end of August!

It's still very hot during the day

After the sun goes down, there's a slight hint of autumn

I feel it these days.


At the chiropractic salon Re・Set

Now that the peak of midsummer has passed, at this timing

I would like to recommend fatigue recovery ♪

Summer is a fun season, but the heat and busyness of summer events can

It's also a time when you can easily get tired. .


To prepare the body and mind without dragging on summer fatigue

Utilizing our chiropractic and stretching techniques

Why don't you regain your mental and physical balance and have a healthy autumn ^^


At the manipulative salon, we will give you a thorough pre-counseling

Relieve tension in muscles and joints through chiropractic and stretching techniques.

We will gently care for your body and mind and help you recover from fatigue.


Please use it to welcome a cool autumn!

We look forward to your visit☆