Fight off the fall fatigue on a long course!

2023/10/11 blog

Hello everyone!
I am SAHORI, a therapist at ReSet, a chiropractic salon.

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The heat is going to drag on for a long time. I thought it would be too hot and humid if I turned off the air conditioner.
Skipping early autumn, now it's late autumn? ? It's gotten so cold so quickly!
Are you all feeling well?

Now that summer is over and the temperature begins to drop, many people may suffer from "autumn fatigue."

Autumn fatigue refers to poor physical condition due to changes in temperature and decrease in daylight hours.
Symptoms such as feeling tired, feeling sluggish, and being more likely to catch a cold may occur.
It's not limited to autumn, but you need to be more careful than usual when the seasons change.

Therefore, through an approach that combines chiropractic and stretching,
We would like to recommend our treatment, which fundamentally improves the symptoms of fall fatigue!

One of the causes of fall fatigue is an imbalance in the body.

The whole body balance adjustment by our chiropractic technique adjusts the balance of muscles and skeleton,
Helps smooth the flow of blood and lymph.
This helps reduce fatigue and improves immunity.

Stretching is also essential.

This is because when it gets cold, your muscles tend to stiffen, which can lead to fatigue and poor health.
Effective for maintaining muscle flexibility, improving blood flow, and regulating body balance.
You can expect to fundamentally improve the discomfort of autumn fatigue with an approach that combines chiropractic and stretching!

If you are concerned about feeling unwell or sluggish due to autumn fatigue, please come visit our store!
Experience fundamental improvements through chiropractic and stretching.

The long course of 90 to 120 minutes is popular.

I sincerely hope that I can help you enjoy a healthy autumn (^-^)

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Please use all means!