The dark side of muscle training: dangers hidden in the body

2024/02/03 blog
Muscle training

Hello, health conscious people! Recently, muscle training and body care have been attracting a lot of attention. but please wait a moment. Did you know that muscle training actually has some unexpected pitfalls? Today, I would like to share a real story about the dangers that lie behind the scenes of muscle training.

First of all, I would like to say that you should not overdo it when it comes to muscle training. Yes, doing muscle training too hard can increase your risk of injury. Your body may be giving you signs such as stiff shoulders, back pain, or joint pain. Be aware of your body and try not to push yourself too hard.

In addition to muscle training, it is also important to exercise to improve flexibility and balance. Muscle strength is important, but don't forget flexibility and balance. By incorporating a variety of exercises such as stretching, yoga, and Pilates, you can train your entire body in a well-balanced manner.

For women, excessive muscle training can affect hormonal balance. Yes, that's right. Excessive muscle training can disrupt the balance of female hormones, leading to problems such as disrupted menstrual cycles and irregular menstruation. Focus on balance and keep your training healthy.

Finally, when doing strength training, correct form and technique are key. Continuing to train with incorrect form puts strain on not only your muscles, but also your joints and bones. Before you start training, be sure to consult with a trainer or specialist to ensure safe and effective training.

Muscle training isn't just a good thing. Stay balanced, find the training that suits your body, and live a healthy life!