[Must see! ] What is the problem caused by distortion?

2024/02/10 blog

This is Hatai from the chiropractic salon Re・Set.

This may be a sudden question, but what kind of discomfort do you think is caused by a distorted body?

Back pain, stiff shoulders, and headaches
I think everyone can imagine it.

But this is actually it! There is no clear answer
“Any kind of discomfort.”

When distortion occurs, the human body is unable to use normal parts.
I try my best to find a balance.
Of course, we are not conscious of trying our best in our daily lives.
My body works hard every day.

And when this accumulates to a certain extent, the body becomes tired.

Human beings are designed to recover from fatigue to some extent after sleeping.
The biggest burden is having to "keep" it all the time.

What would happen if you sat in a distorted position for 8 hours?
The normal parts continue to work for 8 hours to follow up on the distortion.
It will remain in the kept state forever.

This is harder than any exercise.

Even if you run a marathon for 3 hours, your muscles will use different parts of your body.
With each step, the distribution of the muscles that are under load changes slightly.
Inclines, curves, and speeds are never constant.
Exercises, not just marathons, use the body using large muscles, so it may take a while to maintain a certain level of strength.
It's not that much of a problem.

However, the sitting position remains almost constant.
Moreover, it uses small muscles that are difficult to be conscious of.
And when the small muscles get tired, it's time for the big muscles to come in.
When large muscles strengthen the body, it is more effective than exercise.
This puts a strain on your body and causes you to feel very tired.

This is the timing for many people to visit! !

Things that shouldn't really need to be used are being used, and it's getting more and more painful.
This is the time to visit a massage or chiropractor.

I think those who have read this far will understand.
It is not so easy to improve the body in this state.

Even if you remove the distortion, the muscles that stiffen stiffly to compensate for the distortion will be reversed.
Try to contort your body.
In other words, it firmly loosens the muscles and removes distortion. This process is absolutely necessary.

By neglecting the distortion, you will not be able to see the real problem in your body.
Distortion is the source of all diseases.

Therefore, at Re・Set, we take a thorough approach to distortion.
Aiming for a “body that doesn’t get tired”
We will take care of your body! !

We are looking forward to your visit☆