My lower back hurts when I stand for a long time... [Hashimoto's Chiropractic]

2024/03/13 blog
lower back pain

My lower back hurts when I stand for a long time...

It's easy once you start moving though.



Does anyone have this kind of problem? ?






like this

People who experience back pain due to standing for long periods of time

There are not many! !





The reason why something like this happens is...





I can think of five general categories.



1. Muscle fatigue



2. Muscle strength balance



3. Poor posture



4. Poor blood circulation



5. Tissues such as ligaments are under stress



These are possible.




Among these

The point that is most likely to cause problems is

It means that your posture is getting worse.




When you hear of bad posture, you may think of a hunched back.

That's not all.



for example,,,,

when cooking

A hunched posture or scoliosis (curving the spine sideways) may occur.

This increases the burden on the lumbar vertebrae (lower back spine) and can easily cause lower back pain.

Continuing to put your weight on one leg can easily cause leg fatigue and numbness. There are also differences in the movement of the hip joints between the left and right sides.

In addition, the stride length when walking becomes shorter, or the right leg feels as if it is taking a long detour when walking.

My body leans to the left to maintain balance, and my left shoulder drops...


It's chained to many places...




bad posture

It varies from person to person, depending on the situation and constitution.

Continuing to stand for long periods of time can easily cause back pain.



To avoid back pain

Understand why your lower back hurts when you stand

You need to have proper posture and muscle flexibility.



for that

Re・Set uses skeletal adjustment, stretching, etc.

We will make adjustments to suit your body.



○First, let's check the current situation.

What do you do that causes pain, and how do you usually stand? Let's take a closer look at which parts are under stress.



○From there, we perform treatment on the cause area (skeletal adjustment, muscle adjustment, etc.) and recheck.




○Re・Set not only removes the current disorder but also

We will consider your daily life background and develop a plan to prevent recurrence and improve your condition.

Create a body that is more comfortable than ever with regular body maintenance.

We will also check your usual standing posture and habits.






Those who cannot help themselves

Please contact us once.