All hands will improve pain and pain.

If you are manipulative in Hashimoto, please visit a large number of customers and use a manipulative room with abundant experience in achieving fundamental improvements in addition to temporary relief from pain and distortion. Many customers who repeat will receive high-grade treatment.

The treatment is different from person to person, but by incorporating not only manipulative but also stretching, it is easier to feel a refreshing feeling and makes it possible to continue in good condition.
Early improvement is recommended for painful pains such as chronic headaches and stiff shoulders.

The staff will be happy to provide treatments that will satisfy many customers, so please use it.

Please see the service contents provided by Hashimoto's tailoring salon

Many customers who use Hashimoto's manipulative salon Re / Set are painful and have pains to their body's pain and distortion, such as being chronic or not achieving fundamental improvement so far. There are many people who are doing it. We provide sincere treatment and support for improvement so that customers who have pains that affect their lives can improve their pain and have a comfortable life.
If you are visiting for the first time, please tell us your concerns in counseling. The staff who is experienced and has a solid knowledge will ask you, and after a thorough examination based on the information you consulted in counseling, you will begin the treatment. We will explain how to perform aftercare after treatment so that you can leave your body at ease. As we introduce service contents that salon provides, please see by all means.

Detailed access information to the tailoring salon in Hashimoto is here

If you are looking for tailoring, please use the salon located near Hashimoto Station. All-hand straightening the body's distortion has improved chronic shoulder stiffness and headaches, and many customers have voiced satisfaction. The staff in charge of the treatment has a wealth of athlete experience and a deep knowledge of sports medical care from injuries, so please feel free to contact us if you feel any distortion in your body.
The salon is fully booked, and it is also popular that there is no waiting time when using it. As well as your body and mind, we will create a calm and secluded space so that you can receive treatment. We will treat you with courteous service. If you would like to spend a special time working your body, please read the access information posted and make a reservation by phone or email.

We publish a list of tailoring menu of salon in Hashimoto

When you receive high-grade treatment, the salon that you can earn a lot of trust from will respond to various problems your body has. First, please tell us your story in counseling. With regard to your body's worries, we will ask you about your body, whether it is a time of pain or a past injury, and we will properly identify where you are at the root of your worries. Based on the information heard in the counseling, to conduct treatment after properly testing, leading to improvement in a way that is suitable for the customer without excessive treatment.
The staff who had deep knowledge of sports medical treatment also asked many customers who wanted pelvic correction and diet as postpartum care, and received a voice of satisfaction for total support for realizing the ideal. We have a detailed menu, so please take a look.

This is a question from customers who use tailoring in Hashimoto

If you want to choose a salon that is rich in results, please use the salon in Sagamihara City. The salon where customers who have trouble with their body come to visit leads to improvement of many symptoms while each one has different symptoms, and high-grade treatment boasts high repeat rate. As it is a complete reservation system, there is no waiting time after visiting the hospital, and it is popular that you can talk about requests and consultation without hesitation.
We have various courses and, depending on your needs, such as the usual 60 minutes, or the 90-minute course, if you want to work hard, you can use it according to your needs. The quick course, which takes 30 minutes, is popular with customers who don't have time, but also who want to focus on one place. If you have any questions during use, please read the FAQ and feel free to contact us.

Please see the blog sent by the staff doing the tailoring in Hashimoto

If you have chronic pain about your body or if you have distortions like a cat back, please do not hesitate to consult with our staff. Staff who have experience with athletes and have treated many customers so far and led them to improve their symptoms will work closely with customers and improve the root of pain in a reasonable way.
It is also popular to be able to receive all-hand surgery in a space that is focused on creating a calm space, with a season-conscious aroma, so that customers can use the salon with peace of mind. After the treatment, if you are aiming for easy stretching or dieting at home, we will provide support on daily life such as the contents of meals. The blogs posted by the staff post useful information for customers, so if you are interested please take a look.