Hashimoto's highly popular body surgery clinic has a reputation for technology

The Resilient Salon Re / Set, which is open at Hashimoto, aims to create a warm atmosphere from the hope that customers who are not good at exercise can do training while relaxing. As we propose the most suitable treatment method to guide symptoms to improvement while listening to each customer's voice, it is safe for those coming for the first time.
We have prepared a time-saving quick course so that we can carry out intense stretching even for busy customers, so please do not hesitate to speak out if you are interested.

You can receive high quality tailoring at your Hashimoto home

We will support you to recover your comfortable daily life by performing the most suitable treatment according to each customer's condition. If you have painful back pain, stiff shoulders, or knee pain, it may affect your work and housework, and if you do so in such a situation, there is a possibility that the symptoms may worsen. If you go to the hospital with a desire to manage chronic pain somehow or go to a hospital, or try a pain stop or compress, no improvement is seen at all, and those who give up saying, "I will not improve in the future", It is a service that you want to try.
We offer business trips and visits for customers who have difficulty going out for various reasons, and business trip expenses will be incurred separately, but you can receive high-quality treatments just like visiting a private salon. You Please contact us as the salon where training of veteran staff with athlete experience is one to one is completely reserved.

The therapist who is in Hashimoto has the experience of the former athlete and is very excellent

If you feel sick, please contact the staff of the former athlete as it may be trivial. After playing in an independent league of professional baseball, I was in charge of treatment at a major company and accumulated a wide range of experiences such as store manager and practitioner training and sports movement instruction. We have suffered from the same pain for many years, because we can realize the fundamental improvement to maintain a good state instead of temporary improvement of ad hoc use without taking advantage of the solid know-how obtained there. Ideal for
We hope that customers who come will want to spend their future life more comfortably and healthily. It is a treatment that I want to receive in people who are stuck but unable to feel the change even though I am working hard to visit the hospital and at home, so if you are interested, please call, email or homepage Please make your reservations and always carry your feet.

Hashimoto's Massage Clinic is proud to be a strong ally for women

Hashimoto's manipulative salon Re / Set is very popular with customers living in the surrounding area because of its high quality treatment and cost-effectiveness. As we have a high repeat rate as the area's first store, if you think that you want to encourage stretching and diet near you, please come by all means.
For example, for customers who are concerned about tension in the thighs between pregnancy and childbirth and the broken body, we offer treatments that reset the stretch and strain that stretch around the pelvis and hip joint, which is ideal. We will help you make the style. It is only natural for women to want to maintain a beautiful style when they become mothers, so I will do my best to meet their feelings firmly. In addition, we accept consultations such as exercise and eating habits improvement, so please ask us if you have concerns or troubles in your daily life.

Detailed access information to the tailoring salon in Hashimoto is here

If you are looking for tailoring, please use the salon located near Hashimoto Station. All-hand straightening the body's distortion has improved chronic shoulder stiffness and headaches, and many customers have voiced satisfaction. The staff in charge of the treatment has a wealth of athlete experience and a deep knowledge of sports medical care from injuries, so please feel free to contact us if you feel any distortion in your body.
The salon is fully booked, and it is also popular that there is no waiting time when using it. As well as your body and mind, we will create a calm and secluded space so that you can receive treatment. We will treat you with courteous service. If you would like to spend a special time working your body, please read the access information posted and make a reservation by phone or email.

Why not improve your shoulder stiffness at the tailoring salon in Hashimoto

I will improve the distortion of the body in all hands

At the salon where all hands are applied to the body of the customer who needs to be organized in Hashimoto, we will always perform counseling and examination before the treatment to understand the cause of the trouble and the current condition of the body. If you have stiff shoulders, chronic headaches, or pain that interferes with your daily life, treatment for radical improvement is recommended.
In order to improve the cause identified by the examination by the experienced staff, we will tell the client what kind of treatment plan is planned and then perform the treatment. Therefore, I received a voice that I can entrust the treatment with confidence. We will treat you seriously to improve your worries, so please use it.

It is access information to salon in Sagamihara-shi


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Manipulative salon Re ・ Set

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Sagamihara City Kanagawa Prefecture Midori Ward Higashibashimoto 2-1-8

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9:30 to 2:00

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Hashimoto's man-made salon Re / Set is open at a good location, just off the nearest station, and is known as a hideout from the residents of the surrounding area. As we can receive one-on-one treatment by staff with abundant knowledge and high technology in a relaxed environment, if you are suffering from chronic back pain, headache, stiff shoulders, etc. Please carry it.