Hashimoto's organization is known as the area's first store

If you live in Hashimoto, please come to the treatment salon Re · Set, and experience high-grade treatment by all means. It is important to prepare the whole body firmly because there is a possibility that the blood flow gets worse due to the stiffening of the body and causes various disorders if the body is often in the same posture for the convenience of work etc. .
We also offer a "Quick Course" that allows you to perform intense stretches in a short amount of time, so if you want to receive treatment but do not have time, please give it a try once by all means.

At Hashimoto's Manipulating Clinic, we will do the best for each customer

We will do our best to bring all the troubles of each and every customer to improvement, taking advantage of the solid know-how and solid technical skills acquired in the experience played in the professional baseball independence league, so please leave it in peace . In addition, we have accumulated a wide range of achievements such as training of practitioners, sports movement instruction, everyday life movement instruction, etc., so we are confident that we have the skills to aim for radical improvement that is not temporary. You
Customers who actually came to us received a lot of voices such as "the body was light and easy to move" and "thank you for doing the treatment that suits you". We will continue to support you in order to realize your health and well-being, without disappointing the expectations of our customers, so we hope to receive high-grade treatment to extend our healthy life. If you are a passenger please take a walk.

Hashimoto's Manipulative Institute meets the wide range of customer needs

As the area's first store, the salon that has received a great deal of trust from many customers, has a salon located in a good location immediately from the nearest station, and offers business trips and visits. It has a reputation for high technology and high quality customer service, and it can be used with confidence for customers who have not received specialized treatment before, so it has gained a very high repeat rate than customers who came for the first time. I will.
Because we keep warm atmosphere that we want to go through again and again and give careful and careful guidance, it is perfect for those who want to face their body once in a hidden private salon. People who are concerned about chronic pain such as back pain, headache, stiff shoulders, etc., and respond to a wide range of customer needs such as postpartum care and cat back correction, so if you want a more beautiful and healthy body Please make a reservation by phone, email, website or other company's exclusive service.

Hashimoto's Manipulative Clinic proposes the best treatment plan for our customers

The tailoring salon Re / Set, which is operating at Hashimoto, has a track record of leading many customers' worries to improvement, and has been highly regarded as the first store in the region. We offer a complete reservation system to provide high-grade one-to-one treatment, but we can respond if there is space on the day, so please contact us without hesitation if you think "I just want to do something early".
Since counseling and inspection are carefully carried out before surgery and a treatment plan that is most appropriate for the customer is proposed, if you do not know how to improve it, etc., you will have questions or questions until anxiety can be resolved. I will answer. We work hard at home in a warm environment so that you can face your body while relaxing, so if you want to improve your physical condition and spend a better day, you will find a large number of private salons. Please carry your feet with confidence.

Hashimoto's Manipulating Clinic is also working to correct body distortion and cat back

I go to the hospital to improve pain such as stiff shoulders, headaches and back pain, and I take painkillers, but it is only improvement of temporary care, and there are many voices that cost is increasing. Please do not hesitate to consult with us, as we will seek treatment from the ground up with the intention that we do not want to waste the effort of our customers who are thinking and acting seriously and wanting to manage pain and pain.
We also accept consultations about distortions and back of the cat, so we recommend that you come as soon as possible if you are concerned about even minor things. The appearance of the woman changes greatly with the goodness or badness of the posture, and if it is left as it is, there is a risk that the waist may remain bent in the future, so care must be taken. We will do our best to make your life ahead more comfortable and keep you beautiful even as you age, so please feel free to contact us if you want a high quality treatment.

It is access information to salon in Sagamihara-shi


Store name

Manipulative salon Re ・ Set

Street address

Sagamihara City Kanagawa Prefecture Midori Ward Higashibashimoto 2-1-8

phone number
business hours

9:30 to 2:00

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Fixed holiday




Hashimoto's man-made salon Re / Set is open at a good location, just off the nearest station, and is known as a hideout from the residents of the surrounding area. As we can receive one-on-one treatment by staff with abundant knowledge and high technology in a relaxed environment, if you are suffering from chronic back pain, headache, stiff shoulders, etc. Please carry it.