If you have stiff shoulders or distortion of your body, we will cope with all-hand treatment

Hashimoto's manipulative salon boasts all-hand surgery, and staff with a wealth of experience directly perform surgery. The staff in charge of the operation have experience in athletes and have a deep knowledge of sports medical treatment, so they are good at the treatment to adjust the strain and balance of the body, and customers who are suffering from chronic headaches visit I received a voice that the symptom was improved by continuing.
If you are thinking of using the salon, we will answer representative questions with frequently asked questions, so please take a look.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use health insurance?

In our shop, we do the operation only for our own expense. Therefore, it is out of the application of health insurance.

How long does it take for one treatment?

At the first time, it takes about 10 to 20 minutes to your desired course time for counseling and testing. We will go on course time next time.

Is there any pain caused by body preparation or stretching?

In our shop, we will do the main stretch stretching the muscles. Therefore, some people may feel "painful". In addition, since adjustment of strength is possible, please feel free to contact us when you feel pain.

How should I change clothes?

For business trips and visits, please prepare clothes that is easy to move up and down by yourself.

If you have a private salon, you can change your clothes here, but you can also bring your favorite clothes that you like.

Is there a parking lot?

Because there is no parking lot now

Nearby coin parking and

You will be parked in a free parking lot.

If you can secure a private parking

I will post it.

Is it possible to pay by credit card?

I can't use my credit card now.

Since it will be paid by cash, PayPay, au Pay

Thank you in advance.

Do you have a coupon ticket? ?

We have a variety of manipulative coupons, training coupons, optional coupons, and more.

I'm hoping to organize a business trip, but what about the travel expenses? ?

Here is a guide for travel expenses
[Guideline for travel expenses]
From JR Hashimoto Station
Within 5km → Free
Within 10km → ¥ 700
Within 20km → ¥ 1,400
Within 30km → ¥ 2,100 + high-speed fare
Within 40km → ¥ 2,800 + highway fare



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If you have a problem with your body, use the all-hand salon to balance your body. It is very popular with customers who are suffering from pain and distortion, as it offers treatments that improve the root of chronic pain, not temporary pain relief by the comfortable massage that many salons perform.
We offer a variety of courses for treatment, and it is possible to change the course according to your needs, such as postpartum care and personal training. If you have chronic pain, personal training is recommended and you will balance your head, which can be a source of distortion. We will also tell you what you can do at home to maintain the effect of your training. If you have any inquiries or questions to the salon, please read the frequently asked questions and contact us by phone or email.