The salon will send out various customer opinions that are beneficial to customers.

We operate a manipulative salon in Hashimoto, boasting a high repeat rate from customers who are sick. The hideaway shop is also particular about creating an atmosphere so that you can create a special time to work your own body.
Many customers who are busy or have a place of careful care order a quick course. We will propose a variety of menus that meet your needs. If you are thinking about using the salon, please make a reservation by phone or email after reading the customer feedback.

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Chronic conditions may be improved by adjusting the balance of the body. In addition to adjusting the balance of the whole body, the salon also adjusts the head, so we received the voice that the painful headache in the head was improved by continuing to go. There are many customers who feel that they are painful enough to interfere with their lives, but have not been improved at the hospital. If you are worried about how to improve, please consult the salon.
After all-hand training, we will also tell you how to stretch by yourself so that the effect of the treatment will last longer. After the treatment, we are conducting a reexamination to make you feel what changes have occurred in your body, and it is highly appreciated that you can leave the treatment with peace of mind. If you are thinking about using the salon, please read the voice of joy in our customers' voices.